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Creating an Individual and Respectful Farewell 

Time has helped evolve customs and rituals, the most lasting ones have proven to offer the most comfort and support. We at Leishman Funeral Services Ltd offer today’s families the opportunity to be able to have their own style and choices which reflect their own individual form of farewell ritual. The funeral is the final opportunity for family and friends to publicly or privately express their love and respect for the deceased. If it is arranged carefully and sensitively so that it expresses the feelings and fulfils the needs of everyone attending, it can be enormously beneficial in helping people come to terms with their loss.

The funeral represents the first and most important step towards working through one's grief and readjusting to life. From a practical point of view, the funeral ensures the legal, reverent and dignified burial or cremation of the deceased. 

There are different types of ceremony, religious or otherwise, tailored to suit your family dynamics. It is important that you choose the funeral ceremony that is right for you and your family.


The Funeral Director

The funeral director's role is to take the responsibility of making all the relevant arrangements prior to the funeral service. The funeral director will be able to recommend various celebrants to conduct the funeral service but will also be happy to facilitate the use of a family preferred celebrant or minister if required. The funeral director will also book relevant venues on behalf of the family, this may be a church or chapel, at home, at the graveside or the Dunedin crematorium.

Our funeral directors will assist you with all the decisions that you need to make in a professional and caring manner. Once the choices are made, it is up to family how little or how much you would like our staff to help with these arrangements. The funeral director will discuss with family members the content of the printed service sheets and their requirements, if any, for a Photo Slideshow presentation at the service.  An inhouse graphic designer is available to faciliate and streamline both service sheet and Photo Slideshow production if required.  Our onsite afternoon tea lounge and catering staff are also available to faciliate any catering requirements.   Our team will also be available to record the entire service for family if they wish, including the burial.  Recordings are then put onto a USB for family and if requested, uploaded into cyberspace, which will be password protected.  We can also provide a link via the Zoom platform for family members to view the service as a livestream option if required.  

Funeral Service Timing

Your family decides when the funeral service takes place. This enables family members travelling distances to attend the service. By law there is no set time. Today’s embalming and preservation processes enable us to facilitate this. It is far better not to rush the planning of a funeral. Allowing more time helps you to make clearer decisions. When people are rushed they may forget or overlook matters, leading to regrets afterwards.

The Celebrant or Minister

The family selected minister or celebrant is ultimately responsible for what happens in the funeral service itself. The funeral director will arrange the engagment of the family selected minister or celebrant.The minister or celebrant will meet with family prior to the service to discuss the funeral service content, eulogy, readings, hymns, music and poetry. Family members are often invited to critique the service content before the day of the service.  

Under the Our Team dropbox in this website are some photographs and bylines from some of the celebrants that we regularly work with. 

Other Important Items to Consider

And of which your funeral director can assist with and co-ordinate: 

  • Was it your loved ones preference to be buried or cremated? 

  • Casket selection. 

  • Do you want to view your loved one? If so, where should the viewing take place?

  • Do you wish your loved one to be brought home, up until the day of the funeral service? 

  • What type of floral tribute, if any, do you require? Or would personal effects be more appropriate? 

  • Venue for the post funeral get together or afternoon tea and how to arrange it. 

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