Heart and Soul Stainless Steel Ash Cylinders

The Soul Cylinder was designed to carry a small portion of ashes or hair from your loved one.  The cylinder was designed and created allowing mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers or whom ever you wish to hold a part of that special person close to your heart everyday.

The Soul Cylinder is designed and handmade in Christchurch, New Zealand. Manufactured from non ferrous marine grade stainless steel or brass. The Soul Cylinder can be made from precious metals as required.

The Cylinder is a 25mm x 8mm threaded cylinder. To seal the Soul Cylinder a drop of metal glue is required on the thread and then tighten firmly.

Marine grade stainless steel may contain up to 14% nickel. If you are allergic to nickel a reaction may occur.

Costing for a Heart and Soul Cylinder jewellery peice is $100 inclusive excluding chain

For more information on "Heart & Soul" jewellery please view the following website link:  www.heartandsoul.nz

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