Burial or Cremation

Often the deceased has made their wishes known, but on occassion this is not the case, if so then it is up to the family to choose. Whatever your choice, we will take care of the arrangements for you. In New Zealand there are four options available:  burial, cremation, burial at sea or donating a body to medical science. 



Burial involves purchasing a burial plot from the local Council or Cemetery Trusts, paying an interment fee, set by the Council or trust, this covers the cost of digging the plot and maintaining it. In most cases, the places people can be buried are limited by law to official cemeteries, or traditional burial grounds.  

Your funeral director will make these arrangements once the place of burial has been decided.
Monumental memorial or a headstone may also be erected to mark the burial plot, not usually before the burial service.
McBride Monumental Services  is situated across the road at No. 9 James Street, Balclutha, and run  by Doug Nesit.  Doug would be happy to discuss and facilitate this only when family felt that they were ready to think about this next step - their email address is office@mcbridesmonumental.co.nz.  


Cremation provides greater flexibility when choosing a final resting place because there is no restriction to specific places of burial. Government requirements dictate that the deceased must be cremated in a casket type vessel. Cremation involves placing the deceased, within the casket, into a cremator, a large metal box with room for only one casket at a time. The cremation process takes approximately two to four hours. The ashes are then removed from the cremator and place in a suitable container for collection by either the funeral director or the family members, by arrangement.

Ashes may rest here at Leishman Funeral Services until family feels able or ready for collection. We have various options of ash urns available for purchase if family wish but the plywood box provided by the crematorium is suitable for burial.  Ashes can be buried in a cemetery or special memorial area, or can be scattered somewhere the family or the deceased thought appropriate, such as a garden, at sea, or in a favourite place.  Again, McBrides Monumental Services would be able to facilitate a memorial plaque to place on a memorial beam at the local cemetery as a focal point for family members. 

Burial at Sea

There are specially designated areas of the NZ coastline for burial at sea which we can assist with.  Burial at sea required a special weighted casket, of which we are able to provide. 

Organ or Body Donation

We are able to provide information regarding this option.  Please call us to discuss or click on the link below for more information. 

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